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Research and Development is central to our business.  As well as providing product innovation, the R&D programmes form an integral part of validating and optimizing our manufacturing processes.

Our committed strategy of innovation has resulted in new opportunities, and we have delivered increased productivity, life of field and cost benefits to clients across the globe.

Revolutionizing Operations Around the World

Coiled tubing is indispensable to many well-site operations.  Companies around the world are taking advantage of its significant operational and economic performance advantages.

However, the benefits and applications of Coiled Tubing are growing all the time, with new challenges and developments in the industry.

We are continually working to improve and extend coiled tubing applications, with practically-based innovation, based on research and field experience. 

Our research engineering team are working continually to make wellbore intervention safer and more predictable, efficient, and effective.

Ranglar Delivers
Ranglar Delivers

Coiled Tubing - an Ever growing market

The global coiled tubing market size was estimated at USD 3.25 billion in 2016.

The market continues to grow, alongside exploration & production activities globally and demand for well intervention and drilling services, combined with the pressure of increased operating costs and declining oil and gas production from existing wells.


Coiled Tubing based solutions significantly improve production.  Well interventions include: well-completion, well-cleaning and other activities such as retrieving & replacing damaged equipment, and perforating the wellbore. 

Coiled tubing also provides real-time downhole measurements, EOR processes (including acid and hydraulic fracturing), cementing operation and sand control.


The pumping operation market is growing.  This includes removal of fill or sand from a wellbore, acidizing or fracturing a formation, gravel packing, unloading oil well with gas, pumping slurry plugs, cutting tubulars with fluid, zone isolation, and removal of hydrocarbon, wax, & hydrate plugs. 

Other major operations include circulation or liquefication, logging, and perforation. 


Coiled tubing technique is widely used in offshore extreme environments.  Common offshore applications include well interventions or production for extending well life.

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