Ranglar Mast CTU

Safe, fast, simple, effective

Coiled Tubing Unit Masts convey the injector horizontally and vertically over the well.  Benefits include:

  • Simplifies the rig-in process
  • Significantly increases safety
  • Speeds the process up
  • Removes the need for a crane

By utilizing mast technology, an additional crane unit is eliminated improving rig up times, injector stability, and worker safety.

Well intervention applications include:

  • Cleanouts
  • Plug milling
  • Setting tools
  • Fracturing
  • Well completions


Ranglar Masted Coiled Tubing Units are designed to be trailer mounted.   They are purpose-built to service the specific challenges of your wellbore. 

Heights, sizes and configurations are fully customizable to suit your operational needs.

Our downloadable spec sheets provide a breakdown of some our recently-designed models.

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