Design & Engineering

Design & Engineering
Innovative design solutions for all challenges

Custom Designed Mobile Equipment for your operations

We work with you to custom design and manufacture specialty oilfield equipment to meet your requirements and operational challenges.  

We design using the latest preventative technologies and the best components available.  Heights, sizes and configurations are fully customizable to suit your operational needs.

Our engineering services also include structural modifications, upgrades and refurbishments for your mast and sub structures, all carried out in accordance to your project requirements.

Raptor 160

Pictured here is Raptor’s patented design coiled tubing rig with electric variable frequency drive 160k injector. The trailer and mast unit stands at 145’ tall and is capable of deploying 100’of downhole tools on a 25’ well head.

Creative Design Solutions

Our talented in-house team of engineers and designers have extensive and varied project experience. They can fabricate from your exact specifications or work with you to customize a project to suit your needs.

Services include:

  • Design/Problem Solutions
  • Prototype Fabrication
  • Multi-part Production

Third Party Failure Analysis

Prevent recurring problems, identify hidden failure mechanisms, learn lessons

When something goes wrong it is important to understand why, to make the right changes for the future.  We offer this service on all your third party equipment.

We believe that effective failure analysis should be present in every  maintenance program. 

Learn more about our Failure Analysis services here.

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