CAODC Level IV Inspection & Repair

CAODC Level IV Inspection & Repair

Reconditioning and Certification

For mast, structural and critical load path components on Coiled Tubing Units, Drilling and Service Rigs and alike, we perform complete L4 inspections based on CAODC Recommended Practices to confirm and document that the equipment and properties are within the specified acceptance criteria.

We offer complete CAODC Level IV Mast Inspection & Repair as per industry standards.

We also offer complete CAODC Level IV inspection of mast assembly, carriage, injector & arch as per CAODC RP 1.0 & RP 2.0 guidelines.

These services are offered exclusively at our Calgary, AB location.

Any and all repairs or modifications are conducted under these recommended practices as well as the recommended practices for API 4F.

Scope of Work

  • Washed and degreased
  • Complete dis-assembly and reassembly of customer supplied mast
  • Crown sheaves and pins removed and cleaned for inspection
  • Locking system inspected
  • Inspection Certification Document and MPI Inspection Documents supplied
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