Commercial Vehicle Inspection

Commercial Vehicle Inspection Commercial Vehicle Inspection

CVI Commercial Vehicle Inspection Program

Is your CVIP inspection up to date?

The Commercial Vehicle Inspection Program (CVIP) is a requirement of Alberta Transportation for all commercial trucks, truck-tractors, light trucks, trailers and semi-trailers.

How often do I need an inspection?

Alberta transportation requires annual inspections of commercial trucks, truck-tractors, light trucks, trailers, and semi-trailers with a combined weight of 11,794 kg when operating intra-provincially and 4,500 kg when operating extra-provincially.

CVIPs need to be completed annually and should be part of your preventive maintenance program.

What do we offer?

We offer Commercial Vehicle Inspections with qualified and expert technicians who can answer your questions. Our premises are spacious and clean, providing leading-edge tools and equipment. All repairs happen on-site. This keeps our costs down and ensures a fast turnaround time. We provide a fast service, without sacrificing safety or quality.

How does it work?

Our licensed technicians will inspect your unit using criteria set by the Alberta Transportation, to make sure everything is working as it should. This includes powertrain, suspension, brakes, steering, lighting and electrical system, tires and wheels, body, couplers, and hitches. Once the inspection has been done, we provide you with an estimate of repairs if required. We will make any necessary repairs, complete the paper work, and add the decal to your unit showing the inspection date.

All our documentation and procedures conform to our Quality Management System, ISO-9000:2015.

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