Magnetic Filtration

Increase production and reliability, reduce downtime and maintenance costs

Clean fluid is essential to achieving optimum performance, reliability and longevity.

Magnetic filtration is the most effective means of removing problem ferrous particles from industrial fluids such as coolants, lubricants and wash solutions.

Traditional barrier filters typically leave small particles still circulating in the fluid. These particles significantly affect fluid performance and encourage build-up of bacteria. Magnetic filters remove much smaller particles (up to less than one micron in size). This delivers significantly lower operating costs by extending fluid-life by up to ten times.


Low cost to maintain
Once installed there is nothing else to purchase to ensure effective filtration over the filter’s lifetime

Minimal fluid loss compared with traditional filtration methods
Deposits removed semi-dry

No disposal costs or specialist services
Recycle removed deposits

Minimal running costs
Ideal for 24/7 operation

Rapid return on investment through increased productivity

High flow rates can be maintained without affecting efficiency
Fluid does not flow through filter

Reduced downtime
No back pressure or risk of burst filters; even when ‘full’

Reduced wear/precision finish
Removal of abrasive particles without damage or wear

Fine (sub-micron) filtration is possible without affecting the fluid’s other properties

Aids effective control of bacteria 

How Does it Work?

Magnetic filters work through the principle of magnetic attraction of ferrous particles.  High intensity magnets are placed inside a stainless steel metal rod which is placed inside a larger unit and fitted into a canister.  The fluid flows through the unit without experiencing flow restriction. 

All of the equipment's fluid passes around the rod, where more than 99% of ferrous particles down to sub-micron level are removed.  It also collects non-ferrous particles through the principle of static adhesion.

Magnetic filtration systems can be used as a complete replacement to your existing filters, can work with existing filters, or can clean fluid lines that have no filtration.

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