Design & Engineering

Design & Engineering
Innovative design solutions for all challenges

Custom Designed Mobile Equipment for your operations

We work with our customers to custom design and manufacture specialty oilfield equipment to meet their requirements and operational challenges. We design using the latest technologies and the best components available.  Heights, sizes and configurations are fully customizable to suit your operational needs.
Our engineering services also include structural modifications, upgrades and refurbishments for all industrial equipment, carried out in accordance to your project requirements.

Creative Design Solutions

Our talented in-house team of engineers and designers have extensive and varied project experience. They can fabricate from your exact specifications or work with you to customize a project to suit your needs.
Services include design & problem solutions, prototype fabrication and multi-part production.


industry leading coil tubing units

Demand for coiled tubing units is constantly increasing globally. With the continued rise in the number of directional wells, extended reach wells, and the advances in slim hole drilling technology, the advantages and applications of coiled tubing are growing all the time. 
Ranglar has coiled tubing equipment all over the world. We can comprehensively meet all your equipment requirements! 
By designing and manufacturing with the latest technologies we can reduce operation costs, extend running time, and lower maintenance costs!

Pumping Equipment - Reliable, profitable production

We manufacture a line of pumping equipment designed to perform high-pressure well service treatments. 
Available in skid, trailer and truck mounted versions; our pumping units deliver high flow rates at high pressure while providing excellent turndown for low rate applications.
We manufacture Acid/Cement Units, Nitrogen Units, Skid-Mounted Pumps, Batch Mixers and Pumpers.

Frac systems

We can offer trailer packages as well as custom body job packages for a wide range of fracturing pumps. When you collaborate with us on your frac spread, we design a pump around your specific needs and wants. We realize no two locations in the industry are the same - from extreme cold to desert heat to sand - we can help!
We manufacture Blenders, Frac Pump Units, Liquid Additive Units, Data Vans and Hydration Units.